NAA's D&I Awareness Week

As rental housing industry leaders, we know you're doing your best to cultivate a productive and inviting company culture for onsite teams and communities. To aid you and your team members in this effort, NAA is thrilled to announce its Diversity & Inclusion Awareness Week, October 11-15. We'd like to invite you and your onsite teams to join us for our four-part, diversity and inclusion workshops on the importance of storytelling, allyship and leadership in the workplace. 

During NAA’s D&I Awareness Week, you and your onsite teams will be guided by specialists through practical sessions where everyone can share experiences and work out communication tactics with other rental housing professionals based on the lessons of the day.

Because all of the sessions build on the previous day's lessons, you and your team are encouraged to participate during the each day, which means you'll want to register your team members for all four practical sessions.

2021 D&I Week Schedule

  • Monday, October 11: Storytelling Monday—"Bias: A Story Worth Telling" 
  • Tuesday, October 12: Become An Ally Tuesday—“So, You Wanna Be An Ally”
  • Wednesday, October 13: Inclusive Leadership Wednesday—“Real Leadership is Inclusive” ​​​​​​
  • Thursday, October 14: Take Action Thursday—“Practice What You Preach” 
  • Friday, October 15: Fast Forward Friday—“Let’s Pledge D&I!”