The Board of Directors is the primary governing body of AAGM.

The Executive Committee consists of five elected officers within the Board of Directors. The officers have general supervision of the affairs of the Association between its business meetings and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Membership.

Executive Officers

Jamie Maher
Jamie Maher
H.M. Heckle & Company (901)684-2846
Amanda Hall
Amanda Hall
CAM RVP Fogelman Properties (901)762-6749
Beth Bridges
Beth Bridges
CAM, ARM Property Manager Lincoln on the Green (901)748-0002
Dana Patterson
Dana Patterson
CPO, SHCM Director of Asset Management ALCO Management (901)333-1962
Tammie Harris
Tammie Harris
General Sales Manager Apartments.com (901)870-0741
Associates Council

Board of Directors

Tiffany Collum
Tiffany Collum
CORT (901)365-2560
Membership Chair
Alex Mathis
General Manager Alexander Investment Properties (901)438-3252
Legislative Chair
April Myers
Makowsky Ringel Greenberg (901)507-3417
Education Chair
Cindy Lemons
Regional Sales Manager BG Multifamily (901)601-1576
Market Analysis Chair
Christy Miller
Sales Executive RentPath (901)261-5850
Programs Chair
Kim Young
Kim Young
MMLP Systems Coordinator Fogelman Properties (901)762-6743
DAA Chair
Dustin Carwile
Dustin Carwile
Public Relations Chair
Jessica Welch
CAM Community Manager Brentwood Place (901)372-6400
Community Involvement
Olivia Linam
Westminster Townhomes (901)754-3366
Maintenance Mania Chair
Kathleen Overton
Community Manager Hamilton at Turman Farms (662)383-9545
Trade Show Chair
Robert Beard
CAM Property Manager Reserve at Dexter Lake (901)737-7990
Golf Chair
Amy Greer
CAM, CPO, SHCM, PHS Regional Property Manager ALCO Management (901)544-1727
Member at Large
Andy Holt
Andy Holt
Director of Business Development Sharp, Robbins & Popwell, LLC (901)383-9077
Member at Large
Debra McIntosh
Member at Large
Paula Roland
Office Manager Contractors, Inc. (901)377-6055
Member at Large
Kevin Turner
H.R. Director H.M. Heckle & Company (901)684-2832
Member at Large
Wendi Reinmann
CAM Business Manager Madison Humphreys Center (901)747-9000
Member at Large