NAAPAC is YOU ... and other Apartment Industry Advocates!

Successful advocacy is a combination of contributing to your PAC, building relationships with policymakers, and developing strong legislative strategies. Without all three working together, our advocacy efforts will falter.

NAAPAC gives YOU ...

  • ACCESS: NAAPAC is your vehicle to support candidates who are open to the apartment industry's views on issues crucial to your business and the industry at large. Access gives you the opportunity to state your case to a lawmaker who is willing to listen to your views before voting on issues that impact you.
  • CREDIBILITY: NAAPAC gives our profession political credibility. Lawmakers are held accountable for their votes and NAAPAC is your way either to support them on Election Day or support their opponents the next time.
  • SUCCESS: Growing our influence in Washington, DC, does not happen easily. It is an ongoing and long-term process that only succeeds as more and more NAA members participate. Your involvement makes NAAPAC grow in strength.

Donate to NAAPAC

NAAPAC Monthly Donor Club

The NAAPAC Monthly Donor Club is a quick and simple way for supporters to ensure that NAA can continue to defend the interests of rental housing providers on Capitol Hill. By joining the monthly donor club, you will not only help NAA battle adverse policies – like eviction moratoria – but also enter a monthly drawing for exciting prizes! To make a contribution, simply fill out and return the contribution form

Florida Getaway Sweepstakes

To further engage your support for NAAPAC and NAA’s Advocate conference, convened virtually on March 8, we are excited to announce our Florida Getaway Sweepstakes! This sweepstakes, open to all NAA members and its affiliates, gives you the chance to leverage your support for a chance to win either a Tropical Beach Retreat or Enjoy Your Backswing on the Green!

Our industry has managed many challenges during the past year, and one-party control in Washington promises to make 2021 equally challenging. This year’s Advocate conference offers a great opportunity to present a proactive agenda before Congress that protects the operation of your businesses and ensures the continued growth of apartment homes to meet America’s housing needs. 

It is critical that we have legislators in Congress that support and understand the business positions of the rental housing industry, and one effective tool for achieving that goal is the NAA Political Action Committee (NAAPAC). Our ability to shift the conversation on rental assistance underscores the fact that NAAPAC does make a difference. With a divisive legislative year ahead, NAAPAC helps us to break through the noise and ensure our voices are heard! $25 per entry (personal contributions only, no corporate/company contributions).

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